The Soul

This is another creation inspired from another source, again, I’d love for my readers to interpret.

“Don’t Gain The World & Lose Your Soul…” – Bob Marley



Chicken Soup

Has thus far been a crazy busy year, and I’m telling you, twiddling thumbs is the last thing anyone wants to waste time to do. Every split second counts – a lot. It’s not easy accepting it when as a kid, we all just want to kick back and have fun. I realized that not many kids cope with this the right way. Some don’t even realize that we can cope.

My friend heard about all I have been doing and stopped me in the hall to confirm. I didn’t realize the effect of my answer until moments later… because honestly, it’s the little things in life that we fail to acknowledge as our personal form of “chicken soup” for the soul.


“…I don’t even understand Likita, it’s all so much, how do you get by? How do you live?”

“I smile…”



Creative Gloves

Transitioning Moment to Future Lessons

I would never forget this day cause I felt as though I didn’t help enough yet, I acted on what came to mind and it happened to be just the right move. Also to this day, I feel it was assurance that I am definitely on the right path in life on becoming the doctor I’d like to be. It happened this year

It was the last period and I was getting ready to go to my locker, get my things, and leave school. I believe this day was a Friday because I remember the excitement from the chatter of everyone and my looking at the clock. I also remember us having light jackets so the month had to be march. Finally the bell rang and I literally flew out the classroom. I was on the third floor and knowing the usual rush of students would take the B staircase to leave the building, I decided to avoid them by taking the C staircase. It’s usually a long walk to the C staircase because of the lengthy hall. I remember seeing a book bag by the window towards the end of the hall and then closer to the corner, some sneakers

This might help the picture come together ( Google image)

Anyways. From the way the sneakers were positioned, I knew someone was lying on the floor. As I said, the usual rush of students take the B staircase. I was the only individual approaching the C staircase. The only individual on that side of the hall with the exception of that someone. Knowing how high school kids are, I didn’t think much of the scene as I got closer. Kids usually tend to be inconspicuous as they skip class, have that special someone they want to talk to or they just chill out. However, the bell had rung and that’s a cue of freedom to do whatever you were doing, but outside. As I approached the student, I realized that he had probably fainted. I never saw his face before in the school, so I figured he was a freshman. However, I remember just from him lying there I was already questioning if he could of just been anyone cause he seemed taller than me.

The first thing I did was call out to him just to make sure he’d tell me if he was hurt or just to see if he was even conscious. After getting no response, I knelt down beside him very slowly whilst looking up the hall praying someone of authority would turn the corner. I remember thinking that if he was by chance sleeping, I didn’t want to startle him. After getting both knees on the floor I stopped looking up the hall and started to watch  the area in which the boy was lying. I wanted to make sure there were no objects as well as fluids or blood. There wasn’t anything so I gently took his arm that  was tucked under his side. I still chuckle at the fact that I actually tried to see if the student’s body was cold because I don’t think I’d actually come across a case like that. However I never would have thought I would have a case as the one I had in school that day either.

With his arm in my hand, I gripped his wrist gently placing my fingers where his vessel would be while placing my head near his chest. I knew that I was checking either one I could find fast enough which was breathing along with a pulse. Both were there. At that point I called out to him multiple times along with tapping his arm to make sure that he’d just sit up for me. When He didn’t open his eyes, I tapped him one last time which I think was a little heavier due to my now panicking and ran to the closest classroom knocking to see if someone could help. Just then, I saw two students approaching him walking the same way I walked. They were sophomores, so I knew them. They were scared on the spot and seemed as though they’d turn around to leave him lying there. I ran to them telling them he needs help. Just then, the boy started to get up, I walked towards him seeing that he was very confused. I forgot how exactly I told him, but I remember it was very short. Either, ” I think you fainted,” or “You were lying here, you alright?”

He grabbed his bag, his jacket, then walked up the hall. Again I was the only one who was in the hall this time, with the exception of no one else. The two that I spoke to actually left, just like that. I remember thinking wow as I pushed the door to go to my locker and leave the building.

The reason Why I say I feel to this day that I didn’t do enough was because after that student got up, he should of known to some extent, how I was trying to help him. Not just get up confused to three students looking at him. Also, I just left him to walk to where ever he needed to go. I didn’t even push myself to take him or even tell him it’s best he go to the nurse to ensure that he can travel home before anything serious might happen to him on his way there. I know that some people on the spot respond to a scene as such by either running for help or even running in the opposite direction not knowing that they could help by doing something and it wont kill them to figure out what happened. I know that with what I did, I wont ever be that type of person. I’ve never told this to anyone. I guess in my head they wouldn’t understand what I really felt in that moment.

Though it has been a while, I do ask myself what if he was not breathing, and fairly cold, what would I have done then?

In any case, what was done was done and it all boils down to what many should know about vital signs and what to look for when trying to help someone. In the post following this one, diagrams will be provided as well as explanations.



                                                                                                                           Creative Gloves