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First Assignment – Health Script (MIM)

July 9, 2012

The objective for this assignment, was to create a dialogue between two characters concerning any health issue or topic. (desirably a negative situation)

*At the concessions stand on 49th Avenue

John: Can I get a Gyro with extra sauce to go?

*Leaving the concessions stand on 48th Avenue

Amelia: Ya know John, fatty foods have a reputation for introducing its consumers to bad health and poor eating habits in the future.

John: Relax Amelia, it’s only a Gyro. Bet you would’ve begged for more if you didn’t refuse that sample.

Amelia: It only tastes so good but imagine what it does to your body in the future. You’ve learned about Heat Disease and other leading cases of poor eating habits due to fatty foods. Why can’t you monitor what you eat on a daily basis so you won’t end up like certain people? You remember Miss Betty? You know her story, she used to love take out night so much that it became a daily thing. Now because of those eating habits, she has Coronary Artery Disease.

John: I never knew about her having that. I haven’t even seen her in a while.

Amelia: It’s not just her. I know you remember old man Robert. He loved soul food so much. Its flavor beckoned him he used to always tell us. Now he is dealing with Hypertensive heart disease from his high blood pressure. You have to be the author of your health John. You are supposed to care for it.

John: Amelia, you are so right. I can’t believe I’ve never realized how much trouble I could have put myself into. I should start with some daily exercising and a modified diet.

Amelia: You don’t have to do this alone John, this is what friends are for. We can do this together. However, I think we should start with dumping that Gyro.

John: Roger that Amelia!


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