The Soul

This is another creation inspired from another source, again, I’d love for my readers to interpret.

“Don’t Gain The World & Lose Your Soul…” – Bob Marley



Hence the Love I Have <3

..And when you truly think about it, just look at all the doctors out there who put many people’s lives over their own. They make themselves dedicated to the fullest. How many of us upcoming doctors feel we have this characteristic in ourselves?


“Wherever the art of Medicine is loved, there is also a love of Humanity. ”

– Hippocrates

It’s what you choose to make of yourself.

So I found this picture unintentionally, but I wont state exactly what it was that I was looking for when I acknowledged it. Now, this photo can be interpreted differently by many who see it, but  to be honest, I know the message from my perception being portrayed is a common bias shared by people who pursue the relevant careers. I witness it a lot in high school. However it’s an ideal that the general public displays and I believe should be clarified or better yet, taught correctly…..because really, at the end of the day, yeah it’s what you choose to make of yourself but mostly how you prepare to do so.


I’ve always heard people say you’ll catch success by the snap of a finger if you study hard, or you become a leader. Do your part in being the top student as well as showing many that you have the ability to take initiative. And sure, when in school, the common role a student can play in showing their ability to take initiative would be class president or in higher education, part of the Student Government. Now what if you are the type that is scared to have that much responsibility or that much exposure to the student body? You’d remain scholarly. This presents no problem as ideally that’s what we all go to school for. The problem comes when it is thought or many times enforced that success would come slowly to those who do not take that extra step in becoming a leader or etc.

Next scenario shows lets say popular people vs people who are less showy, less materialistic and whom also fight for what they believe in. It is thought that activists’ success comes at a slower pace than those who are built on popularity. I can tell you right now, sally on the cheer leading team has nothing on the teens out there making a difference. I’m not talking about those who happen to be child stars. I’m talking about kids like me, raised in communities like mine. They raise awareness about as much as a community issue, and push to make change happen. Whether organizing events or dedicating time to taking care of the issue, those teens are acknowledged. Names such as Alex Pommier of Cupertino, California. He organized a goods service that delivered supplies to Ethiopia. His case was more than a community project clearly, and he is widely known because of what he achieved and only at the tender age of 17. That itself tells that there was no slow progression of success for Alex.

For the last scenario, lets go with the literal portrayal. Artists vs Celebs. When I think of artists, I think of more conserved people who find themselves in their art and whom create a path of adventure for themselves. When I think of Celebs, I think of people who are more publicized. The image says that celebrities’ success comes faster than an artist’s. Now, I always hear people say an artist’s career doesn’t pay so either have a strong back up, another specialty, keep it as a hobby, or don’t pursue it as a career. Like, seriously? We may not see artists on TV as often as we see stars. But what does that have to do with success. Income is another factor. However if some celebrities are worth as much as tens of thousands or more, and they are happy or unhappy, what is it measured to an artist who spends their time making priceless creations as well as spreading their type philosophy to the world? This all brings me to my point. Success is hidden in what you make of yourself.

Everyone knows it’s not all about the money nor the name given to you when you pursue a career. You can’t want to be a doctor because of the image you will portray to the community. In the end, you won’t be happy. Your existence in the field would start to expire overtime as you realize that what you made of yourself happened, so now what? Even if you get so much money, at the end of the day are you really happy with what you’re doing? You’re just working to work. This is opposed to the common doctor who built it in their heads to put other’s lives in front of their own. Sometimes it’s a philosophy that’s innate for them. They are doing what they want to do for the right reason.

Now, talking about  what you make of yourself. A scholar does not have to have a slow progression towards success. If they apply themselves, they will not have that problem. Sure you don’t have to become class president. With your determination to be a scholar, you can tutor. An easy way to get acknowledged. Or maybe you can become part of a movement with something of your interest. What you do everyday shows what you will be in the future. It predicts what your habits in the future will be and how applied you will be. If you study everyday, as well as dedicate some part of your time to a mind teasing activity, you can only imagine the length of achievements you will make in the future. Even doctors study as they are off from their shifts. So imagine their road on becoming that doctor. Their habits as children built them to be the people they are today. What about the student that help others on a daily basis at school or in the neighborhood. Doesn’t that sound like someone who will be a successful member in an organization to help kids out there in other countries? I already stated my argument for the activists so lets move on to artists. An artist can apply themselves well enough to become successful at a fast pace. Now, as children bearing that artistic talent, do not drop it or push it aside because of what society says. You can apply yourself well enough. Whether it is showcasing your talent by joining national competitions as well as creating pieces that address issues that will grab the public’s attention. Bringing me to earlier, it is what you make of yourself. Don’t expect to sit around drawing thinking that success will come that way because it looks good. Work for it. It’s already a blessing to withhold such a beautiful skill in arts. Use it to the best of your ability… because what you do now will help determine your achievements in the future. After all it’s what you choose to make of yourself.



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