About the Curator

I absolutely love Medicine. I appreciate art, creative writing  as well as poetry. All, I value and have my own talents in each category. Some of which will be presented in my daily blogs for my wonderful awesome readers.

Don’t really know how to sum it up in a nut shell, but I will become a General Practitioner in Concierge Medicine. It’s a goal I desired since the age of five. People ask how am I so sure with the age, but once they hear or see what I have to show for, they believe that it was an innate desire.

Honestly, I cannot picture myself being anything other than a Doctor even through talents I may have. Everyone pushes for children to have a long term goal for their success. Especially when they’d like to become part of a demanding field. My main goal, is to attend Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and become prominent after returning to my community in New York City. In doing so, I will be able to spread my knowledge to those who’d have their minds set on becoming successful. My name is Likita, I’m Sixteen and going waiting to make change!

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20 thoughts on “About the Curator

  1. My nineteen year old son has just gained admission to Sheffield University School of Medicine, here in the UK, with similar ambitions to yours. He too has known he wanted to be a Doctor since he was about 12. His great grandfather was a Doctor. It’s great to see someone understand what their vocation is at such an early stage in life. I personally have never found mine, so this issue is important to me, and I understand it’s relevance to life well. If you have discovered this vocation in you, stick with it. In my experience, what one is first inclined to do generally turns out to be the thing you should do. Most of us deviate away under peer group and other pressures. Decide on this path, and if you want to change later, at the very least, you have a path to return to. Good luck, and well done for being so aware.

    • Thank you so much :). My parents usually preach it to me that I have in fact developed a passion and back in their day, they don’t remember having found theirs. They also tell me about the pressures I may face and I have seen plenty being in high school and all, but it’s a track that I’m on by mine and gods will. I know this is exactly what I want to do. Thank you for your most thoughtful comment.

  2. Hi Likita,
    So nice to ‘meet’ you and its so kind of you to like my first post. It gives the blogger especially a first timer like me such a rush to know that someone from across the world is reading what I write. Loved your ‘about’ page. Here’s best wishes and my prayers and positive vibes for you to reach your goal (s). When you do become a medical student , do remember to continue writing poetry. You will need it to balance out the stress and sometimes make sense of what you see. I am a scientist myself and science is amazing- like poetry. If I can help you in anyway to reach your goal, let me know.

    • Your words are so kind and inspirational Sunita. Thank you so much for that blessing. I know exactly how you feel, it’s nice to know that what we put out there is actually acknowledged. And your post spoke to me giving me that sense of when I have my pause in a busy day and remember my purpose as well as my intentions. Thank You again and now that I’ve ‘met’ you too (lol), I will most definitely turn to you when I need assistance . I won’t forget to keep writing 😀

      P.S. Here’s best wishes for you and your blog as you spread your kind words to society. 😀

  3. Keep on shining for you are a gift to the world. And remember to live by the conviction that is deep in your soul! I pray that God would fulfil your desire and calling. You are going to be an agent of change.

    • 🙂 Thank you so very much. You have no idea how comments such as yours make me get up in the morning and feel inspired and feel that I’m invincible when it comes to all goals I want to accomplish. I pray too for god to aid me in all that I do. In fact for years I have. With the help of everyone who gives me their lovely blessing, it will most definitely happen. Thank you!

  4. We have similar convictions and blog titles. I wish the best for you on this long, long journey. If you ever want to talk about medicine, just let me know because I get the feeling you are a very dedicated, yet loving person. Where exactly are you on the application process? 🙂

    • Thank you so much :).
      And as for application process, I’m pretty much far from if we’re talking about medical school. I’m a junior in High school. Pretty far huh? Lml
      But I have my mind set on definitely going all the way till I reach the year where I apply to a great medical school.

    • No thank you so much for those kind and inspiring words :). Your post caught my attention as its something which is unfortunately an occurrence. Its the line where medicine really has lost its true “effect”

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